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Elementary_Police TV Audiobook_Chapter 1

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Виберіть правильну відповідь (Multiple choice)

Susan can’t ___ her brother in the room full of people.

  • look
  • find
  • work

My mom has a broken ___ so she can’t cook the dinner.

  • car
  • phone
  • arm

I don’t have ___ to buy her a great present.

  • strength
  • money
  • knowledge

I can’t believe this! She would never ___ something, Dafney is a very honest person.

  • steal
  • break
  • hurt

All your answers are ___, you have a lot of mistakes in this test.

  • right
  • wrong
  • excellent

Jess left her ___ on the table in the living room. She had the key from the house in it.

  • trainers
  • glasses
  • bag

Bill told Mary to stay at home today. The weather was too ___ to go outside.

  • good
  • dangerous
  • nice

My husband is a ___, but I don’t usually run with him, it is boring.

  • driver
  • doctor
  • jogger

Susan is very angry and ___ at Max very loudly.

  • smiles
  • shouts
  • looks

I never put my money in the pocket, it`s better to keep them in the___

  • purse
  • box
  • room